Candy Crush Saga Game in Windows 10

My reaction to the announcement that Candy Crush Saga and other King games are going to be included in Windows 10? “No Sir, I don’t like it”. I wouldn’t mind them in the Windows Store and them being promoted there. But, as part of the default install? No thank you. I’ve played the game, enjoyed it, but I will be removing it from my PC when it’s installed.

Many will welcome Solitaire, Hearts and Minesweeper back with open arms. Other King games? I’m sure some will, while others will just uninstall them (or leave them to take up space).

I guess including sponsored games is one way to monetize the OS.

In addition to these games, we’re also working with partners to bring some of their great games to Windows 10 too. And we’re excited to be able to announce today that King will bring their game, Candy Crush Saga, to Windows 10. Candy Crush Saga will be automatically installed for customers that upgrade to or download Windows 10 during the launch! Over time, other popular and awesome King game titles will be available for Windows 10.