Windows 10 on 7 Year Old Netbook

Windows 10 utilizes computer resources very well. To help prove it, the folks at Softpedia have installed the new OS on a 7 year old Acer Aspire One netbook powered by an old Intel Atom N450 CPU. Amazingly, the netbook handled it well, other than a 40 second boot time (which is to be expected). Once in the OS, it operated fast and wasn’t noticeably slow. I’m sure this would change when doing anything processor intensive, of course. But, for those with older systems that are wanting to update, it’s definitely an option!

Installation was performed via a USB drive and completed in approximately 15 minutes, plus a couple of minutes needed to set up the user account.

Once this came to an end, Windows 10 not only installed all drivers automatically but it also changed the resolution to 1024×600 pixels, which is actually the default resolution that the device supports.