Server 2016 Telemetry Insights

Administrators looking to update to Windows Server 2016 might want to take a look at this blog post and white paper from Microsoft if you have any concerns about what information Microsoft is going to collect from your OS installation. With as much backlash they have gotten with Windows 10, it’s nice to see some transparency here.

Yes, administrators can turn off or limit telemetry to fit your needs. Of course, Microsoft recommends against it. But, they give you the choice, which is great.

We understand that the privacy and security of our customers’ information is very important. We have taken a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to customer privacy and the protection of customer data. For example, data transmission is encrypted and access to the data is based on the principle of least privilege. Only Microsoft personnel with a valid business need are permitted access to the telemetry data.

Customers can customize their privacy settings, providing them with control over how much data they provide. We have provided details on how to set these controls, as well as full details on our telemetry process, in this whitepaper, which was just released today.