Build 14942 Available For Fast Ring Insiders

Windows 10 Build 14942 was just released for Insiders on the Fast Ring. A lot of new updates in this build. A lot of these updates and changes were done in response to Insider feedback, so make sure you’re using the feedback tool to give Microsoft great suggestions on how to make Windows better.

Improving the PC upgrade experience: Starting with build 14926, we announced that if you uninstall one of the preinstalled apps on Windows, that state will now be preserved after upgrade. With today’s build, we’re happy to let you know that we’ve taken that work a step further: after upgrading from 14942, if an IT-Pro has de-provisioned an app from your OS image (and you haven’t reinstalled it yourself), that provisioning status will now be preserved after upgrade, and the app will not reinstall. We appreciate everyone who shared feedback with us about this – if you have any other feedback about your upgrade experience, please don’t hesitate to log it – we’re listening!