News from Microsoft Event today

Today had quite a few new announcements from Microsoft. A couple really stuck out for me.

The Xbox One will support audio bitstreaming which will support Dolby Atmos for those with a home theater that supports it. This is another thing that will help put the Xbox One into your home theater rack.

VR Headsets. With the competition releasing a lot of new VR headsets, Microsoft is set to do the same. But, they are launching next year with a relatively low price of $299.

Microsoft’s Beam service which is a direct competitor to other game streaming services like Twitch.

Surface Book i7, with a massive 16 hour battery life and a better GPU. For those needing the extra performance, this is the one to have. (Start at $2399).

Surface Studio. This was the all in one device that was rumored. It’s a lot better that previously thought, as well. A very nice device for those that can use the power and can handle the price (starting at $2999).

Surface Dial. This looks cool. While I would only use a fraction of the features on it, there are some that this will be an excellent accessory. I may pick one up just to play with it and see if I can get some use out ($100).