CMD is not going anywhere

Previous reports of the CMD.exe program being removed from Windows 10 and being replaced by Powershell are false. The command line is used my many many people, and is used by various scripts and is required for many things. Powershell does support a lot of the commands, but the cmd.exe is too widely used to be thrown away.

Glad to hear! I was really thrown for a loop on how that would work.

The Cmd shell remains an essential part of Windows, and is used daily by millions of businesses, developers, and IT Pro’s around the world.

In fact:

  • Much of the automated system that builds and tests Windows itself is a collection of many Cmd scripts that have been
    created over many years, without which we couldn’t build Windows itself!
  • Cmd is one of the most frequently run executables on Windows with a similar number of daily launches as File Explorer,
    Edge and Internet Explorer!
  • Many of our customers and partners are totally dependent on Cmd, and all it’s quirks, for their companies” existence!