New Builds Incoming, Check your Insider Settings

Now that the Creators Update is completed, Microsoft is not resting on it’s laurels. They are continuing to work on the next build, Redstone 3. The new builds are a lot of refinements and behind the scenes fixes rather than the new features. Be sure to check your Insider settings in Windows to make sure you’re setup to grab the new updates, or turn it off if you don’t want to continue.

That’s because right now, we’re focused on making some refinements to OneCore and doing some code refactoring and other engineering work that is necessary to make sure OneCore is optimally structured for teams to start checking in code. Now comes our standard warning that these new builds from our Development Branch may include more bugs and other issues that could be slightly more painful for some people to live with. So, if this makes you uncomfortable, you can change your ring by going to Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program and moving to the Slow or Release Preview rings for more stable builds.