Microsoft’s Surface Highest in Overall Satisfaction

J.D. Power has ranked the Microsoft Surface tablet above Apple’s iPad and Android tablets. The Surface Pro earned a 855 out of 1000 score among tablet owners, making it the number one mostly due to the high rankings in features and the styling and design. I own both the Surface Pro 4 and an Apple iPad. Both are amazing devices, but the Surface Pro is superior in many ways. The iPad is still a very capable tablet, but it is only a tablet whereas the Surface Pro is a full fledged PC and much more powerful. I don’t regret either purchase and still use both almost daily.

In features, Microsoft is the highest performer in three areas: variety of pre-loaded applications; internet connectivity; and availability of manufacturer-supported accessories. Microsoft Surface users have the highest incidences of accessory use, which underscores the device’s versatility. These accessories include a stylus (48% vs. 27% industry average); physical keyboard (51% vs. 14%); and mouse (27% vs. 6%), all of which have higher satisfaction. Microsoft also achieves the highest ratings in these features attributes: variety of input/output connectivity and amount of internal storage available.