Beam Machine–New Beam Webcast Machine for Insiders Team

The Windows Insiders Team has a new Beam webcast PC built by Jason Howard. The Beam webcasts they’ve had in the past have been fun and cool. I’m very impressed that the program manager built and had fun building this nice machine for the Insiders team. No matter what I do at work, I’m always loving building and playing with PC hardware. It’s nice seeing the program manager’s at Microsoft enjoying the ‘simple things’ as well.

Also, a compliment to the build and great cable management and parts selection. He definitely enjoys what he does! Yet another reason I love Microsoft and their employees. They have a lot of fun!

Any time you set out to create something, be it a piece of software, a new PC build, or something as altruistic as sharing feedback on a bug or new feature idea you have, you’re taking the time to invest yourself. You’re investing in your abilities, your ideas, and your desire to have an impact. Windows Insiders invest every day via participation in this program. Our efforts to build a new PC to better connect with you all via our monthly webcasts is another way of showing our appreciation for all you do day-in and day-out to make the Insider program the success it has become and will continue to be. I look forward to connecting with you and am excited about our new series of webcasts.