Build 16232 for PC and 15228 for Mobile Released

I’m getting slow! It’s been a couple hours since these were released. Build 16232 for the PC and 15228 for Mobile have been pushed out to Fast ring insiders. Some new Windows Defender features that sound nice.

Make sure to read the Known Issues before updating. Some might be a deal breaker for you, or you might have a problem and want to report it but it’s already known.

Known issues for PC

  • Your PC may fail to update to this build with an 0x80070643 and rolls back to the previous build. We are investigating.

  • We’re continuing to investigate reports that the battery status on certain laptops isn’t updating while the device is unplugged. If you think you are seeing this, please send in feedback via Feedback Hub and use the capture feature when logging your feedback so we can get your logs.

  • You may notice some of your inbox apps are now displaying a name that looks like “ms-resource:” and are listed at the bottom of Start. We’re investigating. In the meantime, the app should still launch normally, it’s only the name resource that’s impacted.

  • Some UWP apps such as Twitter will crash on launch.

  • Xbox Live in-game experiences may fail to load. These include gamer profiles, achievement details, and other dialogs that may pop up on top of an Xbox Live-enabled game.

  • Please avoid doing a PC reset via Settings > Update & security > Recovery and choosing “Remove everything”. This may put your device into a reboot loop.

  • Task Manager may hang on launch on this build.