Farewell Groove Music, Hello Spotify

It should come as no surprise to anyone as there has been a bit of notice, January 1st marked the date where Groove Music was finally discontinued. For those that were subscribers, you should have already gotten a pro-rated refund. The Groove Music App will still be maintained, which is good news. It is a great Windows app for listening to music.

For anyone looking for an alternative service, Microsoft has partnered with Spotify, which is a great service as well.

For more information on the loss of Groove Music, take a look at Microsoft’s FAQ for the discontinuation of the service.

On January 1, 2018, the Groove Music Pass streaming service was discontinued. If your Pass subscription went beyond December 31, 2017, we will give you (or already gave you) a prorated refund or a Microsoft gift card (see timing details below). We’ll continue to update the Groove Music app so you can play and manage the music you’ve purchased and downloaded to your PC or uploaded to OneDrive or another cloud storage service, but the app will no longer stream or play Groove Music Pass content.