Microsoft Professional Program Now Includes IT Support

For those starting out in the IT Support field, which includes Help Desk and Technical Support, the Microsoft Professional Program has a new self-learning trackIT Support. The Microsoft Professional Program has several other tracks for interested IT Professionals that may be of interest. It is a self learning curriculum that doesn’t include any formal certifications, but it is a great learning opportunity.

The full track is pretty intensive, including 14 required courses each taking from 8-16 hours. The skills learned include communication, hardware and networking essentials, Windows installation, configuration, maintenance, and more.

This is the first MPP track aimed entirely at beginners, and provides job-ready skills for anyone looking to enter IT Support. This is a great way to enter the IT field, which has an estimated need of 400,000 jobs worldwide. The only requirements before beginning this track is some familiarity with computers and the ability to access the online courses, making it ideal for someone who wants an entry-level position in IT Support but may not have the necessary skills.