New Bing Features Include Flight Status, Entertainment, and Sports

Bing has added some new features that are pretty cool. Flight Status allows you to search a flight before leaving to the airport to pick someone up or to just check the status of the flight. Also, you can search for various entertainment, TV, and movie information. There is even a way to check out sports playoffs. As with in the past, there are Bing predictions that show who Bing predicts will win the game. I wouldn’t place your bets quite yet, though!

Checking flight status can be a hassle, whether you’re rushing to pick someone up from arrivals, or if you’re in a terminal and want to check that your flight details haven’t changed.

Bing’s new tracking feature alleviates this by letting you look up flight statuses, even when you don’t have the airline or flight number on hand. Simply search by city name or airport code, and Bing pulls the results for you across airlines.