Windows 10 More Popular than Windows 7

According to some metrics, Windows 10 has surpassed Windows 7 in usage. While there have been some indications of this in the past (Steam surveys), it is now becoming more widespread with other analytic firms. This time it’s Statcounter which claims a 42.78% market share for Windows 10. While I tend to take these individual firms claims with a grain of salt (due to the various analytic methodologies), it seems more and more of them are coming out with similar results. The original linked article mentioned similar issues with the various methodologies as well.

This is because there are various differences in the methodologies that these organizations use to collect and process their statistics, not to mention the fact that Netmarketshare covers all desktop operating systems – i.e. macOS and Linux as well as Windows. Whereas Statcounter just focuses purely on Windows versions, although the latter holds the vast majority of the overall market anyway, at around 90%.