Build 17110 for Fast Ring Insiders

For those in the Fast Ring of the Windows 10 Insider group, you can now update to build 17110. Some cool new things included in this one for enterprise users. As usual, check the known issues. As we are edging close to the final release, they are minimal but still might be impactful to you.

What’s new in Build 17110

Improvements for Enterprise Customers in RS4

Enterprises can now run custom actions during feature update: In RS4, we are adding a new feature that will enable your enterprise to run your own custom actions/scripts synchronously with setup. Setup will execute custom actions during two update phases controlled by using preinstall.cmd or precommit.cmd:

  • Pre-install: This would be just before all the system and device compatibility scans run.
  • Pre-commit: This would be just before the system reboots into the offline phase.