Kali Linux in Windows App Store

For those of you that are interested in information security, Kali Linux is now available in the Windows Store as part of the Windows Subsystem for Linux. While this isn’t as great as a native Kali installation, it still brings some great tools to Windows. I know this might interest some people, as well as students learning about Kali, but most infosec professionals will most likely stick with the native installation. This is still pretty cool and I will definitely be playing with it and comparing it to the dedicated install of Kali on a separate machine.

While running Kali on Windows has a few drawbacks to running it natively (such as the lack of raw socket support), it does bring in some very interesting possibilities, such as extending your security toolkit to include a whole bunch of command line tools that are present in Kali. While not officially supported by WSL yet, we’ve tested running a desktop manager such as XFCE on WSL’d Kali…and it seems to work quite well. We will update our blog with more news and updates regarding the development of this app as it’s released.