Microsoft Edge to use Chromium Engine

Microsoft has been making some waves in the open source movement the past few years and are now moving forward with integrating some of that into some of their mainstream products. Google’s Chrome browser has become an almost standard these days, and Microsoft is going to adopt the Chromium engine as part of their Edge browser. Will this bring more market share to the struggling browser?

Ultimately, we want to make the web experience better for many different audiences. People using Microsoft Edge (and potentially other browsers) will experience improved compatibility with all web sites, while getting the best-possible battery life and hardware integration on all kinds of Windows devices. Web developers will have a less-fragmented web platform to test their sites against, ensuring that there are fewer problems and increased satisfaction for users of their sites; and because we’ll continue to provide the Microsoft Edge service-driven understanding of legacy IE-only sites, Corporate IT will have improved compatibility for both old and new web apps in the browser that comes with Windows.