Official Edge Insider Builds Released

The Microsoft Edge Insider program has started. These builds are the Chromium versions of Edge, which bring the Chrome engine to the Microsoft browser. So far, I have been extremely happy with Edge with the new engine. You do have a few options for signing up with the new Edge insider channels.

Beta Channel – Updated every 6 weeks. This is currently not an option as they need to work on the other two channels until a viable build is ready for this channel.

Dev Channel – Updated weekly. This has been tested more thorough and is more stable than the last channel, Canary Channel.

Canary Channel – This is updated daily. Being so up to date can bring some bugs and stability issues, but you will be on the most recent builds and is updated automatically almost every night. You’re seeing the changes that were committed yesterday.

As always, these are pre-release builds and will have some bugs, stability issues, and other anomalies from time to time. They should not be used in a production environment or some place where you need full stability and performance. They are used for testing the new Chrome engine, compatibility, development, or for fun to see the new changes in Edge.