Reimagining the Microsoft Certification exam UI experience

Microsoft has redesigned their certification exam UI, bring a more modern and helpful look to the exam interface. A lot of these were often talked about suggestions and all of them are very welcomed to help out in the exam room. From a nice dark mode to your exam progress indicator, it’s there to help make you know what’s going on in the exam and help you manage your time and reduce that exam stress.

Highlights of the new and improved UI include:

  • The ability to turn the exam clock on and off.

  • An expandable exam menu toolbar on the side of the screen, providing more space for the question and minimizing scrolling.

  • A new flyout tools menu, including:

    • Exam Question Details, providing a quick count of items answered, unanswered, marked for review, and marked for comment.
    • Exam Progress, offering a visual indicator of how much of the exam you’ve completed and how much remains.
  • A design that minimizes vertical and horizontal scrolling.

  • A more logical placement of the Review later and Leave feedback boxes.

  • A subway map that shows where you are in the exam.

  • An exam progress bar with each question so you know exactly how many sections and questions remain.

  • An improved review screen, with a filtered view that displays questions that are answered, unanswered, marked for review, or marked for comment. Review mode includes labels throughout, reminding you which items you’re reviewing.

  • Modernized color scheme options, including Dark mode.

  • Added calculation history to the calculator.