Windows XP Or Windows 7 For Netbook?

So, the choice of the year for netbooks seems to come down to Windows XP or Windows 7 (for the Windows side. I really like the Ubuntu Netbook interface for a quick and easy look) according to MSNBC. But, which one to choose? They detail the pros and cons of each choice. And if you don’t like Windows 7 Starter, you can always upgrade to a better version and get a few more features that you are looking for. Although, with the Netbooks, one of the major concerns is battery life. Windows Aero uses more battery power (by using more GPU resources), which can be a concern for some. But, for a simple interface, I see no reason NOT to go with Windows 7. Windows XP is great, but it lacks in a lot of things. Newer Netbooks are powerful enough, come with enough RAM (2 GB, if it comes with 1 GB, you should upgrade anyway!), and a big enough hard drive to run Windows 7 fast and smooth. So, what does MSNBC have to say on the matter?

He believes there are “several key advantages” to using Windows 7 Starter vs. XP Home on netbooks. Among them: “The user interface, while largely a carryover from Windows Vista, holds some significant improvements over Windows XP,” especially with improved “Wi-Fi connection management” that is easier than XP’s.