A Decade Of Windows Mobile

While I am a big fan of Windows Mobile (but, I also use an iPod Touch and enjoy it’s interface; I have also played with a Google Android OS and enjoy it as well), it’s interface and general usability really hasn’t changed in the past decade. I’m using an older Dell Axim x50V and love it (I also have a MotoQ 9c and hate it! No touch screen…). It does everything I need it to do, it’s fast (faster than some brand new smartphones running the same OS), reliable, and just an awesome little PocketPC with Windows Mobile 6.1. It had Windows Mobile 2003 on it, and then 2005, then 6.0 and finally 6.1. With all the upgrades, I got small improvements, but nothing spectacular. Let’s hope that 2010-2011 brings Windows Mobile 7.0 with some major changes to the interface. I love the Windows look, but I haven’t gained anything really….

10 years ago, you could buy the HP Jornada 548 with a color screen, which let you listen to MP3s, surf the web, check your email, and keep a calendar. It had a touchscreen. It ran Windows. It was awesome.