Laymans Guide To Upgrading To Windows 7

I saw this page on Hubpages, and thought it was a very interesting topic. I’ve had people ask me questions regarding this same situation many times. Upgrading to Windows 7 can have a few caveats. Going to 64 bit from a 32 bit OS can be pretty rough at times, and your options are limited. This is a good read before you go venturing on your upgrade.

The questions on most peoples minds are: Will I lose all my files if I install Windows 7? Will I be able to install Windows 7 on my current machine? Will I be able to use all my old Programs on Windows 7? The answer to all those questions depends on many factors and it can be daunting for the average computer user

. The most important two things are for you to take a look at the capabilities of your computer and the type of operating system you are currently running before you attempt to do anything. Once you know those two things, you are ready to begin.