Ultimate Master Control

Ok, it being called “God” mode is getting ridiculous. Sure, it’s a special little tip, but it’s nothing that’s not documented or not built into the operating system to be anything “secret”. And it doesn’t give you any special options that weren’t there before. It does give you a quick, easy way to access those regular options with a single click, rather than the multiple clicks that it would take to browse the Control Panel. I like using it, but it’s nothing that would be considered Godly or even like a special Doom style “cheating” mode. It’s just a shortcut menu. But, if you’re like me, it’s handy.

Ed Bott has wrote an article about how and why it works, and some other GUID shortcuts for you to use at your pleasure. Quite a bit of them, really, and it seems like there are more and more options in each Windows version. So, with so many options out there, of course it could be handy to have a shortcut with them all listed!

As with the other shortcuts, the process of turning one of these GUIDs into a shortcut that opens a shell folder or Control Panel item is straightforward. Start by right-clicking any empty space on the desktop or in a folder. Right-click and choose New, Folder. Type the name you want to appear under the shortcut, followed by a period and then the GUID shown in the list here, complete with curly braces on either end. Press enter and voila, you