“God Mode” Hoopla

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed… Ok, I’m sure you have. This “new” God Mode for Windows 7 has been making it’s rounds. There seems to be a lot of people excited about it. Yet, as usual, there are those that “already knew” about it, or realize that it’s just a shortcut, nothing spectacular. They bash the author and the website for posting such drivel. Yet, these same websites (mine included) also included other simple things. Like, customizing your desktop (REALLY?!) or setting up your email (SAY IT AIN’T SO!).

Sure, the “super uber leet God Mode/Master Control/Super Dooper God Mode” isn’t new. No one has really claimed it was. In fact, it dates back to the beginning of the registry, way back in Windows 95. 15 years or so. Nothing new.

So, why all the hate for those helping out other users? And then there are the few website owners that are taking advantage of these bashers, making their own posts calling others out in weird and obnoxious ways. So, does that mean all the other help they offer is bunk as well? The simple things (like setting up email) have been around a lot longer than “God Mode”, yet these are helpful posts. Why is it that this is not helpful? I find it extremely helpful. The Control Panel is a ever more complicated place to go. It takes twice as many clicks to get to where you want (or 3 or 4 clicks). A quick shortcut is great. It works for Quick Launch. If you use something frequently, why not have a shortcut to it?

There will ALWAYS be those that are new to something. New to computers, new to cars, etc.. They need to be shown the ropes, the same way we all were. There were times when we heard of a certain technology or tip that wasn’t new, but we were excited, weren’t we? I started overclocking my PC in the 486 era. And I loved it. But, it wasn’t anything new. PC tinkerers have been doing it for years! But, I was a newbie to that area, so I took in all the information I could and learned what I could.

Come on guys, cut the new guys some slack. We were all there at some point. ALL of us.