The Slow Death of IE6

We’ve all used it, and at one time we probably liked it. Well, at least a little. Ok, IE6 really wasn’t that great, but a lot of web sites were designed to be viewed on Internet Explorer 6, rather than the (at the time) niche Firefox (Netscape was pretty much dead by then). So, times have changed since the year 2000, right? Not according to the statistics. IE6 still holds about 20% of the users on the internet hostage to a 10 year technology. The world wide web came out in the early 90’s. So, not even a decade went by and we went from text to Flash enabled, secure web sites. Technology moves fast, extremely fast. So, why are so many people still using Internet Explorer 6? Popular Science has a few reasons why, all of which I agree full heartedly on.

The post goes on to explicitly recommend moving off of IE6. The problem is, corporate IT departments won