Can Ballmer Stay in Charge at Microsoft Until January?

ZDNet reports that Steve Ballmer will be doing the keynote speech at CES 2011: next January. But, they are not so sure that Ballmer will still be the big cheese, CEO of Microsoft. While I agree with a lot he has to say, I don’t think they will oust him over the little things. Although, the graph does speak for itself… Ouch. The so called “tech bubble” burst around the time Ballmer took over, but you can’t blame everything on that. Vista, KIN, Courier… Microsoft hasn’t been impressing a lot of consumers lately. Windows 7 is doing amazingly well, but Microsoft has to INNOVATE as they have done before. Right now, it seems like they are just skating by on past achievements.

The point of all of this is that Ballmer, as the CEO of Microsoft, seems to have spent quite a bit of time riding on the successful coat tails of Bill Gates – but really hasn