Windows 7 Boosts 64-Bit Computing

More and more PC makers are installing Windows 7 64-Bit edition on their PC’s and laptops, helping usher in the 64-Bit revolution. As in the past, when we went from 16 to 32 bit computing, it didn’t happen overnight, but there was a time when a major push happened that finally gave it the lead, leaving the older technology behind. I believe that the majority of things holding it back right now are some of the smaller developers that can’t or won’t design a 64-Bit application or hardware driver. Things are looking up, though, with a LOT of software and most modern hardware compatible with 64-Bit.

A larger number of PC makers are installing 64-bit Windows 7 as the default OS on PCs, LeBlanc wrote. Most PCs include processors capable of running on 64-bit applications that can also address larger amounts of memory. The memory ceiling for 32-bit operating systems is 4GB, which could limit the ability to run computing-intensive applications that need larger memory sizes.