Is Quality Enough For Windows Phone 7

Neowin attempts to answer the question “Is Quality Enough for Windows Phone 7”? There is no doubt that Windows Phone 7 is any good; it is. Now, it just has to persuade the consumers that they NEED it. From what I’ve seen already, I may look into replacing my Android powered phone. Of course, I need to wait a bit until my apps are able to be replaced (Google Sky Maps, Maps, GPS, etc.). If Microsoft and/or other developers can do that, I will have a new phone straight away! I am already looking into doing a little development on the platform myself. Nothing major, just a few little utilities.

If we could pretend that iOS, Android, and WP7 all came out at the same time, WP7 would be my easy pick for front-runner. Personally, I’m a fan of the Android OS and of open source products in general. However, if they tried to compete with WP7 after a simultaneous release, they wouldn’t stand a chance in the consumer market. Mircosoft’s retail marketing machine would indeed be an extremely difficult opponent to overcome. However, reality is reality, and Google Android has had a huge head start on the market that Apple wasn’t able or willing to gobble up. Android will take a solid hit with the release of a decent competitor, but it will take some serious marketing and industry tactics, both strong areas for Microsoft, to actually surpass Android’s continual chokehold on the mobile OS industry.