Upcoming Windows Phone 7 Games

Sure, we all use our phones to call people. But, anybody can make a phone that does that. Where they really shine is when you are sitting in a waiting room for an hour or two, bored, and wanting to waste some time. Most phones have internet browsers, but what most people want are the games! Microsoft has a decent lineup of upcoming games to be available when the phones are finally going out the door. Judging from the videos, these phones are going to be beasts and should be pretty darn good in the graphics department. Of course, I don’t get the whole Zombie appeal these days. What’s with that? Now, just as with the phone, there begs the question: Will they be any good?

Microsoft is pushing games as a big reason to buy the phones. At a press conference Monday morning, the company showed off some titles gamers can look forward to from Electronic Arts and others, and previewed the way the phones will integrate with the Xbox Live online gaming service for Xbox 360. (Msnbc.com is a joint venture of NBC Universal and Microsoft.)