Microsoft Kodu: Game Programming for Kids

My son enjoys playing video games, but like myself at his age, he isn’t content is just playing them. He want’s to program his own. My argument for owning a TI/99A and Commodore 64 back in the day instead of an Atari and NES (although, I had both, along with a few others) is that if you didn’t like a game, you could try your hand at making a better one. I didn’t do too bad, and I really wish I would have stayed in programming, but stopped just after high school after learning the basics of C.

Microsoft has had their Kodu programming system out for a while, and I have looked at it briefly. How To Geek has a nice writeup on how to get started in this simple to use game programming (very little code, if any, is needed) and design software. If you have kids that want to design games, this is a great place to start.