Kinect Launch List – 17 Titles

Going back to the days of old, with Sega and Nintendo (and NEC for you Turbografx lovers!) announcing “launch” titles. Microsoft has a list of 17 titles for their launch of the Kinect. However, like Sega and Nintendo, only a few are available the day of the launch. The rest come a couple weeks later. No big deal for some, but a bit misleading if you want a launch game on the official launch day! Some great titles, and I’m sure I’m going to have to pick one up for my wife: Zumba!

The seventeen-game lineup also includes three dancing games (Dance Central, Zumba Fitness, and DanceMasters), four exercise games (Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout, EA Sports Active 2.0, and the aforementioned Zumba Fitness), and two ‘boarding games (Adrenalin Misfits and Sonic Free Riders). See the full list after the break.