Windows Phone 7 Devices: Expandable Memory

NeoWin has done some digging and found some pages on HTC’s store that list memory expansions, in the form of MicroSD cards, for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Although it may just be one device, it does seem to lend credibility to the fact that some devices will have expandable memory. This is extremely good news, not for those with iPhone that doesn’t have any slots, but for those of us with Android powered phones that love the extra memory. They will keep us updated, and I would love to know the outcome.

Up until now, most of the reports have said “no”, which to users of any other smart phone (excluding the iPhone) seems a little odd. Many of the devices announce so far have been announce with only 8GB of memory, with a few having 16GB options. Compare that to the iPhone 4, which comes in 16GB and 32GB variants (with rumours that a 64GB version might come), or an Android device with expandable memory, and you’re left wondering why Windows Phone 7 devices are stuck at 8GB.