Windows Tune up How-To

OSNews has a great article on how to approach a Windows tune up, what’s involved, and how to go about it. Very detailed, accurate and well written. I work on PC’s daily, as well as working on my own PC, and a a good tune up can solve a lot of issues and make your¬†computing experience better. I definitely recommend giving your PC a good cleaning monthly, inside and out!

Google “Windows tuning” and you’ll find tons of good performance tips.Butthere’s a problem. Many web sites present random tips withoutprioritizing them. The¬†focushereis on high-payback techniques that do not require deep expertise. I’llstick to what’s easy andwhatworks.

There are four goals in performance tuning. You want to:

  1. Reduce the processor load
  2. Reduce memory usage
  3. Reclaim disk space and optimize disk access
  4. Ensure optimal use of the network connection

How important each of these is depends on the system you’re tuning.