Steve Jobs Upset At Bungie Sale

When Microsoft bought Halo developer Bungie, Steve Jobs was reportedly furious because Microsoft stole their top gaming developer for Mac. This was pre-Halo days. I’m doubtful Microsoft even knew how successful the series would be, and Steve Jobs probably gets a little angry even today when he sees the sales numbers for Halo. I’m wondering, however, if Halo would have even been a success if it were a Mac only exclusive. It could have been a huge turning point for Apple sales, turning the Mac into a gaming machine instead of an Internet and document processing machine (well, I guess it has a bit more: iMovie, etc.). I guess the world may never know. Unless you watch Fringe (and you should, it’s a great show!), then there may be a way, right?

Bungie, which was established in 1991, had throughout the Nineties built games for Apple’s Mac, from the Marathon trilogy to Oni. The studio, then based out in Chicago, was also building a relatively obscure FPS called Halo for Mac and PC.