Microsoft Australia Admits Vista Was A Mis-Step

The Microsoft Chief in Australia, Tracy Fellows, has a great outlook on Microsoft products. I like how she can admit to mistakes, and freely admits that Vista was a “miss-step”. The big thing isn’t that you made a mistake, it’s how you handle and recover from that mistake. I loved Vista, it was a great product. A lot of the problem with Vista was that the third party developers weren’t ready for it. Windows 7 is greatly superior to Vista, though, showing that they did fix the few problems that did exist with Vista.

When asked if Microsoft’s Windows 7 PC operating system is a return to form after the PR disaster that was Vista, she doesn’t hesitate.

“I think there are a few things you learn when you, let’s call it ‘miss-step’. You need to take accountability. I think we stepped up and said ‘what were the mistakes with Vista’ and learned from them.

“That’s the difference and it’s now the fastest selling operating system in history.”

Canadian-born Ms Fellows has lived in Australia for 27 years. She notches four years as Microsoft Australia managing director in January.