What Do We Want From Windows 8

Maximum PC asks some OEM manufacturers what they want or expect from Windows 8. Some of the answers are pretty obvious, and some of them are good additions that I didn’t think of. I’m not quite sure I accept the whole “cloud” integration. There are many times when my ISP has problems, internet congestion, large file transfers, or total lack of internet access completely. I don’t want my OS to be dependent on an internet connection.

We’re starting to get sick of hearing about Cloud Computing—it feels like an obvious evolution, and one that’s actually been around for quite some time—but it will be extremely relevant as Microsoft shifts to a cloud-based user-first architecture in Windows 8. But what does this mean in terms of actual features? First, companies like Dropbox, Carbonite, and other cloud-based storage and backup services should be concerned, because Windows 8 will include built-in support at the File Manager level for Windows SkyDrive, which will allow us to save and access files from anywhere and on any device.