IE6 Usage Down, IE9 Usage Up

Finally, people are weening themselves off the ancient internet browser, Internet Explorer 6. The beta of Internet Explorer 9 has shown a lot of interest,with over 15 million downloads so far. While the IE9 beta won’t replace the browser in businesses quite yet, until the final is released, it is nice to see a beta making such an impact. It is also very good that people are moving away from the insecure and vulnerable Internet Explorer 6.

Moreover, Microsoft said enterprises are adopting modern browsers even more quickly, as evidenced by only 10.3 percent of enterprises running IE6. And IE8 and IE9 continue to grow—current usage share for each browser version has increased this month to 32.75 percent and 0.38 percent, respectively. As of Dec. 1, Microsoft’s IE team said they have seen more than 15 million downloads of the IE9 beta.