Windows 8 and “The Cloud”

According to Softpedia, Windows 8 will need to move past the “To The Cloud!” agenda they are using with Windows 7. Sure, Windows Essentials is considered “Cloud” software. So is their Microsoft Office Online (Office 365), among others. What Microsoft isn’t teaching people is that “The Cloud” is actually just the Internet. The software that utilizes the connection to the Internet, for storage or as a place to access software (Software as a Service), is considered “Cloud Computing”. While I feel that the whole “Cloud” moniker is overused and misunderstood by many, and is definitely a huge buzz word that the marketing directors use to entice people to switch over to their remotely hosted servers or applications.

Also for the time being, Windows 7’s connection to the Cloud is largely limited to the rich clients packaged into the Windows Live Essentials 2011 suite.

At least this is the conclusion of the new “To the Cloud” marketing campaign put together for the successor of Windows Vista.

No less than four video advertisements have already been released, all of which embedded at the bottom of this article for your viewing pleasure.