Bad Parenting Gives Kinect A Bad Name

A company has started work on a XXX game for the Kinect system, which has some parents running scared. I don’t let my kids play the XBox without me being there or know exactly what they are playing. If you throw a kid in front of the TV and XBox as if it were your babysitter, then of course they will eventually find something inappropriate. This goes for all games and television. There are things that I won’t let my kids play or watch. I monitor my kids when they play. There are some parents out there that are scared their child will download this game and play it without the parents knowledge. I chalk it up to bad parenting. Microsoft says they will block the title from online sources or being released as a physical game, but there are ways that this will end up in the public hands.

The company admits the maker of Kinect, Microsoft, did not give them permission to use their system,In fact, the company hacked the technology.As soon as they got word, Microsoft issued a statement saying they would block the game from being released which was supposed to be available online. It is still not comfort enough for the Valverde’s.”Anybody can get on-line with the XBOX360,” said Angelica.”It’s a possibility he could be able to buy it without me actually knowing.”