Windows 8 Focuses On Bringing PC Gaming Back

There are many that claim that PC gaming is dying. With so many poor console to PC ports, I’m starting to wonder if developers are forgetting about the PC. Occasionally, there are some knock out PC games without being ported and they really show off what a PC can do. But, there are less A+ titles out there these days than what used to be. Microsoft aims to change that with Windows 8. I’m really looking forward to the new Flight Simulator that they are working on. I’m hoping they have a beta for it like they do with Age of Empires Online.

A relaunched Games for Windows marketplace was a recent fillip, but it is the hiring of Rahul Sood, the founder of gaming computer brand Voodoo PC and previously an outspoken critic of the Redmond company’s attitude towards PC gaming that underlines what TechRadar has been told about Windows 8.

“Windows 8 will represent a real new push into PC gaming,” the source told TechRadar. “Gaming will be a key component for the whole OS.”

Along with the new store, Microsoft has shown signs of waking from its PC gaming slumber in the course of 2010.

The announcement of a new Age of Empires game, along with Fable 3 and an updated Flight Simulator appear to be the green shoots of the new attitude.