Microsoft Sued For Not Giving Windows Refunds

Microsoft is getting sued, again, for not being nice and giving refunds to those who purchased a PC that came with Windows and they didn’t want it. As far as I know, Microsoft didn’t sell the PC in the first place, didn’t force the OEM to include Windows, and didn’t force the end user to buy the PC with Windows included.

If I buy a Blu-ray player that comes with a couple Blu-rays in a package deal, and don’t want the movies, can I sue the movie studio for not refunding me the money on the package I bought from the store?

Let’s see how long it takes before this is laughed out of court. I meant dismissed.

Furthermore, the group says consumers who buy computers with OEM copies of Windows installed have more difficulties in getting a refund than those who purchased a retail copy of the OS. The lawsuit notes that users who buy and install the OS itself, but that don’t agree to the EULA, are entitled to a return from the place where they bought it. OEM buyers, however, are at the whim of their system seller or installer for a refund, which has historically proven to be a difficult process, it says.