New IE9 RC screenshots leaked

As Internet Explorer 9 gets closer to release, there are a few new improvements coming down the chute. has some new screenshots and information on the updates since the public beta and the newest RC sent to beta testers. Some great moves by Microsoft after listening to customer criticism. Bring your translator unless you can read Russian (link is to Google Translate version of the original page).

Bold frame bar under the navigation buttons, frankly spoils the impression from the browser interface, the 9.00.8073.6010 absent, leaving the user’s attention a web page, not the browser, and as if implying that the final product is already very close.

Теперь обратим свой взор на адресную строку, где по-прежнему по соседству ютятся вкладки открытых страниц. We now turn their attention to the address bar, where still in the neighborhood crammed tabs open pages. Вкладки эти обзавелись острыми, точеными краями. Tabs got these sharp, chiseled edges. Текущая активная вкладка достаточно резко выбивается из группы своих собратьев светловато-серым тоном. The current active tab rather abruptly knocked out of the group of his fellow svetlovato-gray tone.

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