Shocker: Verizon WP7 Coming Later Than Expected

Ok, the sarcasm in the headline was a bit much. But, the rumor that the Windows Phone 7 release from Verizon being launched May 5th was putting too much faith in Verizon. Yet again, it looks like it may come out later… Mid to late May, and possibly May 19th. I’ve pretty much given up on Verizon to release the Windows Phone 7 and am shopping for a good one on the Sprint network. Verizon really botched the launch on this one. Some even say it was intentional.

WinRumors previously expected Verizon’s offering to arrive in late March around the same time as Sprint. According to one source familiar with the situation, Verizon has successfully certified the device for use on its network. WinRumors understands that Microsoft’s internal marketing date is May 5 is now mid-May for the Verizon Windows Phone launch.