The Woz Tells Paul Allen to Stop Trolling

The two big co-founders of the big two are at it. The genius behind Apple (Jobs is a marketing guy, not a techie) Steve Wozniak has told Paul Allen to stop patent-trolling. I agree with the Woz. There is no sense in suing the pants off of people after buying patents. He should be out spending that money investing in companies and people that can create new patents for new innovations. Perhaps that is what is slowing down innovations lately: people afraid of getting sued for patent infringement and not enough capital to make a real revolutionary invention.

The Register reports that Wozniak dedicated some pointed, if not poignant, remarks toward Allen at the Embedded System Conference Silicon Valley in San Jose, Calif., last week.

He reportedly declared: "That patent-troll thing…the other night Paul Allen was speaking at the Computer History Museum and I had four tickets. And I decided at the last minute not to go, because I remembered he’s suing all these companies like Apple and Google–but he’s not suing Microsoft–because he bought all these patents.”