McDonalds Complex Wi-Fi Instructions

McDonalds (Australia) has a heck of a way to get connected to their wi-fi if using Windows. Mac users get the quick and easy instructions. For us Windows users, they go through a huge amount of information that really isn’t needed.


For most users, their PC’s are already setup for DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol – automatically gets an IP address from the server) and DNS.

When I visit McDonalds, I connect to the wireless internet the same way as usual. It pops up on the available networks list, just as simple as the Mac. So, is McDonalds very Mac biased, or do they not understand Windows networking?

Sorry, McDonalds, you need someone else to write your wi-fi setup instructions. Someone that actually knows how Windows works and how to use it. The writer was obviously used to a Mac and didn’t know how using Windows!