Windows 8 Setup Experience

Steven Sinofsky has updated the Building Windows 8 blog today with a nice write up on the Windows 8 setup experience. Many users decided against upgrading to Windows 7 due to the complexity of the installation, even though they would like to have upgraded. The setup is probably the most intimidating part of the upgrade. Learning the new OS is a notch below that. There are some great new features included in the Windows 8 setup process that will help streamline and make your setup experience much easier.

In Windows 8, rather than having Upgrade Advisor, Setup, and Windows Easy Transfer as separate apps or features, we’ve folded them together into one fast and fluid experience in which we first determine if your PC, apps, and devices will work in the new OS, note which things you want to keep (apps, files and/or settings), and then install the new OS.

We’ve also added the capability for setup to resume automatically after certain actions (such as resolving a blocking compatibility problem), which in the past would have required restarting setup again from the beginning.