Word is Plain Better Than WordPerfect

I used WordPerfect long ago, and while it was a decent word processing system, I quickly transitioned to Microsoft Word due to it’s ease of use and better integration with Windows. WordPerfect seemed to stay behind in a DOS like phase, not wanting to grow into the better Windows interface – perhaps not sure if Windows would be as popular as it has become. Bill Gates testified in a Novell lawsuit against Microsoft today stating the obvious: Word is/was better than WordPerfect.

"We worked super hard [in 1995]," Gates said. "It was the most challenging, trying project we had ever done."

Novell failed to drive improvements in WordPerfect, Gates said. And that, combined with Microsoft’s relentless drive to improve its own product, is why Word beat WordPerfect. But WordPerfect had lost well before Windows 95 was released, he added, noting that Word had supplanted WordPerfect as the best-selling word processor for personal computers in 1994. "That was an important win for us," he said.