Windows 95 Startup Music Done on a Mac

While some are upset about the revelation that the Windows 95 startup music was done on a Mac, there are those of us that see it for what it is: someone used a tool to create something for a different tool. I don’t hate Mac’s, or Apple in general. They are good tools for what they do. I just don’t have any need for the tool. Some people go their whole lives without touching a wrench (I can’t go a week, BTW). I just happen to use Microsoft tools mainly (and a few Linux based). They get the job done that I need done. If I needed something that required a Mac, so be it. I’d use a Mac to get the job done. I know quite a bit of ‘softies that use Mac’s and iPhones and other Apple products.

I bet Sony executives use Microsoft OS’s, among others, to create PS3 games. So does Nintendo for their Wii. Ouch, feel that sting? Nah, me neither.

For those nostalgic types out there, here is the old startup music. Bring back memories. Good ones and nightmareish ones! I hated supporting that old OS once it’s successors came along.

Windows 95 Startup Music