Xbox 360 Record Week – Nearly a Million Sold!

Last week marked the highest selling week in the history of the Xbox 360’s 7 year history. With 960,000 consoles sold last week in the United States, it made an amazing sales record, continuing the Microsoft’s console record sales year. Of note is that 800,000 of those sales were in a single day. 750,000 Kinect devices were also sold (both stand alone and bundled with the console) during the week.

I have to say that is an amazing feat for such an “old” console. With sales still very strong, it may push the next generation of consoles out a bit further.

“We have seen tremendous excitement from customers for our hot holiday gaming offers,” said Chris Homeister, senior vice president and general manager of Home Entertainment at Best Buy. “Xbox 360 was among the best-sellers at Best Buy this Black Friday, and is a testament to the continued popularity of the gaming category this holiday.”