Microsoft’s Unsteady Interface

John Dvorak is at it again. I’m not really sure what this guy is thinking, or doing for that matter. I wonder if he has actually used a Windows Phone 7 or the Windows 8 Preview? He talks about the Xbox 360, but gauges it on past dashboard comments via Google. Does the guy even own an Xbox? He bashes the new Metro UI along with the Office Ribbon.

While the guy is bashing Microsoft, and it’s “missteps” with their interface changes, he has mixed feelings towards the steps Microsoft is taking in the TV realm. Of course, he compares it to WebTV, AOL TV and MSN TV.

I hate to spoil the guys fun, but it’s time to stop being such a luddite when it comes to new interfaces and features and enjoy them. I used to read his articles in PC Magazine, but he became negative towards everything and nothing was right.

But for now, the real Microsoft buzz is about the TV and the belief that Microsoft is beginning to understand the future of television. It can act as a middleman and leverage the Xbox 360 to make it the hub for home entertainment.

I think what they are doing is good. But I’m reminded of the old Microsoft-TV initiative that was designed to compete with AOL TV. Do you recall those? I doubt it. What about WebTV? Or MSN TV?

What immediately comes to mind about this “new” thinking is the original 2005 rollout event of the Xbox 360. I was shown all sorts of media features that worked in conjunction with something called Windows XP Media Center Edition.